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Thorium Reader is the EPUB reader of choice for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

This EDRLab application is in constant development and is now the reference for accessing EPUB 3 publications in reflow or fixed layout format, audiobooks and visual narratives, PDF documents and DAISY ebooks; LCP protected or not.

It is localized in a large set of languages, each version offering new locales.

Huge efforts are also made to get Thorium Reader highly accessible for visually impaired and dyslexic people.

This application is free, with no ads and no leaks of private data. This is the perfect tools for heavy readers, library patrons and students.


Version 2.3.0, released in July 2023.

2.3 new features

  • Touch screen finger swipe.
  • Image zoom.
  • MathML native rendering.
  • Left/right/justify text alignment.
  • OPDS display of accessibility metadata.
  • Double-click for text selection.
  • Translations: Bulgarian, Greek, Croatian, Korean, Portuguese (Portugal).

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Need support?

Check the documentation or documented issues in the Github repository.

Found a bug? Please open an issue (needs a GitHub account) or send an email to thorium-support at edrlab.org (@ replaced to avoid spam), we’ll make our possible to answer.

Contributions welcome!

We accept contibutions on Github via Pull Requests.

Testers can check latest developments by downloading automatics builds from the Thorium release page.

Terms of Use, Privacy Policy

Please read carefully the following terms and conditions and the documents incorporated by reference therein before you begin using the Thorium Reader application.

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Sponsor Thorium Reader!

This software is free, open-source and as such, its development is only possible because it is funded by different organizations. Among these, members of EDRLab, private or public grants and small recurring donations from happy users (individuals or companies).

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One-shot 1000 € donation via Stripe