Mark a page or a passage

Add a bookmark

The bookmark button allows you to add a custom bookmark. A bookmark can be a fixed point or a text selection. Only one fixed point bookmark is possible per page (book pages or calculated pages in case there is not page reference in the book). But you can place as many texte selection bookmark as you want.

When you add a Bookmark a notification appears to inform you that the Bookmark was Added or Deleted. The number just after indicates the total number of Bookmarks in the Book after this action.

Reviewing and navigating the Bookmarks

Press the Navigation button (Ctrl + N), then the Bookmarks button. You can change the name of each bookmark, delete bookmarks and move between bookmarks by pressing Enter.

Access the list of bookmarks in the navigation area. Select the bookmark you wish to access and press the Enter key. If you have renamed the bookmark, it will be easy to go to several places in the book.

Using bookmarks with NVDA
Windows screen readers use a virtual buffer for reading. To place a bookmark where you are currently reading press the key combination NVDA + Enter, and NVDA will say “activate “. This synchronizes the virtual buffer with the current real location so Thorium can deduce the object on which the cursor is located. Then use Ctrl + B to place a bookmark. A sound notification will inform you of the number of bookmarks in the current publication.
Last modified August 7, 2023