Reading settings

In the reading interface use the Preferences button (): the options are revealed.

Major settings are available for EPUB Reflowable, Fixed Layout EPUBs and PDF formats just don’t allow personalisation of appearance. Most Fixed Layout EPUBs will allow to open Image view for zooming on a page. PDFs can be enlarged using the Zoom sub-menu in the Preferences panel.


The color of the background and foreground can be changed using one of the three available themes - Neutral, Sepia and Night.


The font size can be increased or decreased using the slider. The font can also be changed. The available options are as follows Default, Old style, Modern, Sans, Humanist, Readable (Dyslexia), Dualspace and Monospace.

By selecting the ... you can enter the name of the font you want to use. To do this, the font must be present on your operating system and you must know its exact name as it is set for the operating system.


You can choose between a page layout with scrolling or pagination, automatic or justified alignment and automatic or on 1 or 2 columns. Here also, MathJax can be activated, for the display of mathematical expressions.


Margins, word spacing, letter spacing, paragraph spacing and line spacing can be adjusted.


Provides options for an uncluttered clean view and the ability to skip secondary content (skippability) which may include footnotes or sidebars according to the semantics indicated during the production of the digital book. Split TTS will split the content by sentence for more precise highlighting.

Last modified August 10, 2023