The library
Add a book or books you can drag and drop a folder into the library window from your operating system’s file browser, and it will be scanned recursively (i.e., the subfolders will also be scanned for publications). Alternatively you can select multiple files from your filesystem using your operating system’s file browser (the files can be located inside different folders of the tree / hierarchy), then drag and drop the selected publications into Thorium’s library window.
Access to catalogs
Many public libraries and bookstores are adopting OPDS as a standard format to display their catalog on the Web. Thorium can provide access to OPDS 1 and 2 catalogs. It also supports several identification formats associated with OPDS and can therefore provide users with access to their personal library, i.e. the digital books that the user has acquired or borrowed, allowing them to be downloaded and read immediately. When you are in the Thorium library, select the Catalogs tab then the button + Add an OPDS feed.
Add tags
You can enrich the information of the books in your library by adding Tags to them. `Tags’ allow you to quickly search and sort books in list view. Putting it into practice. Open the book form, position yourself in the field Add a tag, write the name of the tag you want to add then press the Add button. The tag is added in a blue box, you can remove it by clicking on the cross.
Press the Ctrl + F key combination, enter the text you want to search, press the Results button, then press the Enter on the link to the desired result. Activating the Search box will automatically display the All books view where it is possible to search in each column. For example among the authors only. The search is performed thru the books informations including user added tags. The content of the book is not included in the search.
Last modified January 17, 2023