The library

Add a book or books

you can drag and drop a folder into the library window from your operating system’s file browser, and it will be scanned recursively (i.e., the subfolders will also be scanned for publications).

Alternatively you can select multiple files from your filesystem using your operating system’s file browser (the files can be located inside different folders of the tree / hierarchy), then drag and drop the selected publications into Thorium’s library window.

You can also click on the + button in the user interface to open Thorium’s file chooser, and from there you can select multiple files from folders, or choose all files in a folder using the operating system’s shortcut Ctrl + A or mouse selection.

Note that the “open with” context menu in the operating system’s file explorer will open the reader window(s) for all selected publications, unlike the above methods which only import the files in Thorium’s library.

My Books

The imported books are presented in the My Books menu. It offers a quick access view organized into two sections: Recently added and Resume reading. The All Books
button will display all the books imported into Thorium.

The default view is the grid view (Icon grid), it shows the book covers, title and author. Clicking on any of these items will open the book in a new window. A menu for each book allows you to access the Book File, Delete or Export the book.

It is possible to choose display as a list view (Icon list), in this view the cover is no longer displayed but the year of publication and the publisher are shown.

All Books

The All books view is organized as a table, it displays all the information for each book. If information is missing it means that it has not been provided by the creator of the book. The majority of the information can be activated and triggers a quick search on the keyword. For example, click on the word English in the language column to see only books in English displayed.

The column headers allow you to sort the books in ascending or descending order. The magnifying glass icon () in the header of the first column activates a search field by column allowing for example to search for an expression only among the titles of the works.

Last modified May 12, 2023