Access to catalogs

Many public libraries and bookstores are adopting OPDS as a standard format to display their catalog on the Web. Thorium can provide access to OPDS 1 and 2 catalogs. It also supports several identification formats associated with OPDS and can therefore provide users with access to their personal library, i.e. the digital books that the user has acquired or borrowed, allowing them to be downloaded and read immediately.

Example of OPDS feeds with LCP protected contents

Feeds with protected contents should allow you to login directly from Thorium catalog page, the button or access to login might be different depending on the feed provider. OPDS feed allows to browse and borrow books under LCP license. An Archive org account is needed, authentication page will open once you select a book. You can add it to Thorium with the following address: Open OPDS feed

You can use feedbooks OPDS to browse Feedbook catalog. Once you have selected a book you’ll be redirected to the webpage where you can buy the book.

Feedbooks OPDS allows you to loggin from Thorium Catalog feed with the Shelf button on the upper right corner. Anybook bought with your Feedbooks account will be available for download directly from the Thorium OPDS feed catalog interface.

For testing purposes EDRLab provides a feed with three free publications under LCP protection. You can add it to Thorium with the following address: Add EDRLab OPDS public feed

OPDS Feed responsibility

OPDS feeds and the access they provide to content are under responsibility of the feed publisher. So are the information given by the feed.

Last modified July 31, 2023