Reading with a screen reader

When launching Thorium, if a screen reader is detected, the relative functions are activated.

Note that screen readers use a separate buffer to access the HTML content which results in the visual scroll / page offset to be out of sync. In other words, Thorium is generally not aware of the user’s current reading location inside the screen reader buffer, unless the screen reader user triggers standard web API events (such as mouse click anywhere in the text, or keyboard tab into focusable HTML elements).

Keystrokes common to NVDA and JAWS

(contribution from Prashant Verma, DAISY Consortium)

For reading text, navigating in tables, navigating in the browser window,
the insertion key can be replaced by the modifier key of the screen reader (e.g. the Caps Lock key).

Quick keys for navigation

The screen reader must be in navigation or virtual cursor mode.

Next titleH
Next tableT
Next chartG
Next listL
Next form fieldF
List of elementsInsert + F7 (works regardless of cursor mode)

Use the above keys with the Shift key to move to the previous item.


Previous character
Next character
Previous wordCTRL +
Say Next wordCTRL +
Previous line
Next line
Previous sentenceALT + (Jaws only)
Next sentenceALT + (Jaws only)
Read allINSERT +
Announce FontINSERT + F


Cell to the rightALT + CTRL +
Cell to the leftALT + CTRL +
Cell belowALT + CTRL +
Cell aboveALT + CTRL +
Last modified May 24, 2023