Supported publication formats

this is a legacy format, only adequate for basic ebooks. Textual content is formatted in XHTML 1 and no multimedia feature is supported. EPUB 2 ebooks are still accessible if properly formatted.
this is the recommended format for the 21st century. Textual content is formatted in (X)HTML 5, it is possible to create fixed-layout ebooks, enriched ebooks and accessibiltiy features are well designed.
DAISY v2.02 / v3 (text, audio, text+audio).
despite a well-known lack of flexibility (no reflow option) and accessibility, many ebooks are still available in PDF only, especially in public libraries.
a standardized format for audiobooks has been designed by the W3C Publishing Working Group in 2020, and EDRLab was part of this WG. Thorium is supporting the packaged (LPF) audiobook format, which will soon be widely used by booksellers, or so we hope.
Visual narratives
EDRLab has designed a standard format for comics, manga, webtoons and other styles of digital works based on sequances of images. Divina is the name of this format. This is still an experimental format, and we hope that publishers will size it in 2021+.
Last modified January 17, 2023