Accessibility of this website

The thorium reader website content published since October 2022 is compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 at the AA level.

Accessibility policy

EDRLab takes the following steps to ensure the accessibility of the website:

  • Include accessibility as a requirement for all web content. Content must meet WCAG 2.1 AA, and should meet AAA whenever possible.
  • Assign clear accessibility goals and responsibilities.
  • Ensure that content authors have accessibility knowledge and skills.
  • Include accessibility in our mission.
  • Include accessibility in our internal policies.
  • Conduct usability testing with participants with disabilities.


We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of this website. Please let us know if you encounter any barriers to accessibility. Email:

We generally respond to accessibility comments via email within 3-5 business days.

Contact information for the publisher can be found in the “Sites and Addresses” section of the About page.

Compatibility with browsers and assistive technologies The LINA 25 website is designed to be compatible with assistive technologies and the latest two versions of major browsers. In older browsers, some aspects of the website may not be displayed optimally.

Technical Specifications

This website uses the following technologies to comply with WCAG 2.1:


Last modified March 15, 2023