library functions Icon Function Description Notes Shortcuts Add book Next book Previous book Close (the book information panel) Open book menu (gives access to the Book File, allows to Delete and Export a book) Search Book list view Book grid view Indicates that the action is finished, for example when importing a book Save a copy of the book file. Opens a system window to select the folder where to save the file.
Keyboard shortcuts
Information The Shift key is represented by an empty arrow pointing up on some keyboards: ⇧. The Ctrl key is replaced by Cmd key on Mac keyboards. Ctrl + F10: Main content(`FocusMain`) in reader and library windows, moves the keyboard focus to the "main" area landmark (in the reader view, this is immediately before the frame that displays publication content) Ctrl + t: Toolbar (`FocusToolbar`) in reader and library windows, moves the keyboard focus to the top horizontal toolbar, immediately before the "
Supported publication formats
EPUB (Electronic PUBlication) is an open file format for electronic publications. EPUB is a native semantic format allowing to use numerous standardised languages such as HTML, ARIA, MATHML, SVG and others. The actual version 3 is known to provide the best up to date reading experience. Obsolete EPUB2 files are also readable in Thorium. DAISY Usually produced and distributed by specialized libraries or NGOs, the DAISY format offers a significantly enhanced reading experience for ebooks that are not available in EPUB3.
Book information panel (Book Details) Gives information about the digital book. This information is extracted from the file's metadata, its quality and quantity depends on the the attention paid during the production of the file by the publisher. Adapted books These are digital books produced by associations and made available to people with disabilities for reading. Worldwild, this system is governed by The Marrakech Treaty . OPDS Open Publication Distribution System
Frequently asked questions
I can't select the adequate voice for read aloud function (TTS) Thorium uses the voices from the computer's operating system, in combination with the language information provided by the book. If you are using windows you can follow Microsoft’s guide Download the language pack for voice. If you are using Mac OSX the guide Change the voice that the Mac uses to pronounce text. Once the required voice is installed, Thorium will choose the voice corresponding to the language of the book.
Last modified May 26, 2024