library functions

Icon Icon +Add book
Icon Right arrowNext book
Icon Left arrowPrevious book
Icon xClose (the book information panel)
Icon 3 pointsOpen book menu (gives access to the Book File, allows to Delete and Export a book)
Icon magnifying glassSearch
Icon listBook list view
Icon gridBook grid view
Icon circleIndicates that the action is finished, for example when importing a book
Icon arrow down to a boxSave a copy of the book file.Opens a system window to select the folder where to save the file. The bookmarks are not present in this exported file.
Icon BookmarksBookmarks
Icon Icon Indicates that the book is being added to Thorium. This indication is not currently given to screen reader users.

Reading functions

Icon fléche à gaucheReturn to library (closes the book being read)
Icon information Icon InformationOpen book information panelCtrl + i
Icon Display the library Go to the library
Icon magnifying glassSearch in the publicationCtrl + f
Icon SettingsReading settingsCtrl + s
Icon right arrowNext content
Icon GauchePrevious content
Icon Bookmarks Icon Marque pageAdds or removes a bookmarkCtrl + b
Icon navigationOpens or closes the navigation panelGives access to the table of contents, bookmarks, bookmarks and reference paginationCtrl + n
Icon Full screen modeFull screenCtrl + F11

Reading settings

User settings & preferences panel for the display of the publication content. Ctrl + s

Text Size IconText: Change the font size
Icon View / Layout : Scroll (text scrolls up and down)
Icon Display / Layout : Paginated
Icon Automatic Alignment
Icon 1 column
Icon 2 columns
Icon Edit IconEdit (the name of a Bookmark
no icon (text mention)Table of contentsShift + Ctrl + n
no icon (text mention)Reference pages menuShift + Ctrl + p

Audio playback (Pré recorded orTTS synthetic voice)

Icon Activate texte to speechActivate audio functions
Icon pausePauses audio playbackCtrl + 2
Icon playStarts audio playbackCtrl + 2
Icon previousGoes to the next audio portion (depending on the book production)Ctrl + 3
Icon nextGoes to the previous audio portion (depending on the book production)Ctrl + 1
Icon Stops audio playbackCtrl + 4
Last modified May 26, 2024