Want to collaborate?

Thorium Reader user Interface localisation are provided and maintained thanks to volunteers and contributing organisations. All locales are stored in the sources resources locales folder. To add a translation, you can start from the English “en.json”, rename it as and change the values after the colon punctuation (:). If you are comfortable with github you can open a pull request to submit the file. Otherwise you can just send us the localised file by email and we’ll proceed to the addition.
Your help is precious
You too can help Thorium Reader become the best reading application reading application by becoming a member of EDRLab. Or by making a donation to the EDRLab via the Github sponsorship "piggy-bank", which accepts small monthly donations. Thorium is built by its community. If you want to participate, please contact us ! You can also: Report an error or suggest a change by opening an Issue in our [support tracking tool](https://github.
If you do not find the answer to your problem on this site, you can tell us your problem via our support tracking tool or contact form. Here is the information we need: Operating system and it version Thorium version (it is indicated at the bottom of the library under the title About Thorium)
Thorium and its documentation are developed thanks to the user community. We need help to translate this documentation. To do so, you can contact us. If you are comfortable enough with GitHub and the Markdown format you can propose a new translation via a Pull Request. To do this: clone the repository and create a branch with the name of the language you want to add, make a copy of the content.
Last modified May 27, 2024