Thorium Reader user Interface localisation are provided and maintained thanks to volunteers and contributing organisations.

All locales are stored in the sources resources locales folder.

To add a translation, you can start from the English “en.json”, rename it as and change the values after the colon punctuation (:).

If you are comfortable with github you can open a pull request to submit the file.

Otherwise you can just send us the localised file by email and we’ll proceed to the addition. A list of contributors is maintained on the wiki page Localization (l10n) language translation.

Be aware that we are currently reworking the user interface, so important changes may happen by the first quarter of 2024. We usually alert localisation contributors before any release so they can update the translation file. Also, mentioning that the thorium documentation website can be localised thru similar contribution methodology. ](../900_about)

Last modified May 27, 2024