This documentation site is designed and maintained by EDRLab as part of the development of the Thorium-Reader application.

The main contributors of this documentation are :

  • Gautier Chomel
  • Georges Kerscher
  • Noelia Ruiz Martínez
  • Prashant Verma

This site is made with the static site generator Hugo and the Hugo Book Theme.

Who has developed this app

Thorium Reader is currently developed by:

  • Daniel Weck, lead developer.
  • Pierre Leroux, developer.
  • Arthur Le Meur, developper

The UX and UI of Thorium 3 was designed by Mylène Boyrie

Several other developers have helped making Thorium what it is today:

  • Simon Le Roux, UI designer.
  • Cyrille Lebeaupin, CEO of, senior developer.
  • Jiminy Panoz, creator of Readium CSS.
  • Léo Stéfani, node.js, React developer.
  • Manuel Lagrand, intern, node.js developer.

The project is supervised by Laurent Le Meur, EDRLab CTO.

Who is financing this app

EDRLab is a non-profit organization. Our budget essentially originates from our members. EDRLab started in France, but is now counting 60 members from Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

This project would have not seen the light without:

1- The financial implication of our founding members: Editis, Hachette Livre, Magrigall, Media-Participations, Cercle de la Librarie, Syndicat national de l'Edition. They understand that financing open-standards and open-source is the best way to energize an open and innovative market for the publishing industry.

2- Financial grants from the following French public organizations:

  • CNL (Centre National du livre)
  • Ministère de la Culture

3- Additional grants from EDRLab members interested by the addition of specific features:

  • Fênix Editorial, Brazil
  • Canadian Electronic library, Canada
  • MLOL / Horizons Unlimited, Italy
  • Lyrasis, USA
Last modified June 27, 2024